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In the midst of trying times, Chasen Galleries is happy to present some very special offers to help brighten your days! We have collected some select items and are hosting a rare Back-to-Business Sale! All items listed in this online 'exhibition' are being offered at an exceptional bargain price- some even 50-70% off! Simply click the button below to shop the sale; you can call us or click the button on any piece to 'Inquire' about these unheard-of prices. We hope these deals give you a reason to bring some fresh light and joy into your life!

Stay healthy and well, and we hope to see you again soon!

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Chasen Galleries artist Bob Thoren is an avid proponent and practitioner of the plein air tradition. His works often feature the beautiful landscapes of the Northern Virginia region, where he resides, as well as intimate still life, city, and genre scenes. Bob's sensual, impressionistic style is a recognizable influence of his study under the late Russian impressionist Sergei Bongart.

In this week's Spotlight, we get a short tour of Bob's painting studio, and a fantastic selection of fresh paintings in all styles! Bob's work features vibrant colors, romantic brushwork, and delicate renderings of light and shade. Many paintings are started on location, and completed in the studio. His artistic goal is to suggest spontaneity while maintaining a firm mastery of drawing and painting techniques.

See more from Bob Thoren here.

Call to inquire about pricing and more information.

Video still: "Culdesac", 16x20



Northern Virginia artist Christine Lashley has been a popular staple of the Chasen Galleries collection for years. Her plein air and studio paintings are done in a romantic, contemporary impressionist style that has continuously matured and evolved over time. We've been thrilled to watch Christine win awards at prestigious plein air paint-outs, be featured in national art magazines, and of course, fill the homes of our collectors with light and color.

A lifelong nature enthusiast, Christine gets most of her inspiration from working outdoors. She completed her art education with study in the U.S. and abroad, and has continued to pass on her knowledge over 20 years of teaching classes and leading workshops. This week, Christine gives us a glimpse into her studio, and a tour of the works available right here at Chasen Galleries.

See more available works by Christine Lashley here.

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Video still: "Peaceful Pasture" 30x40



We were full of sadness to learn of the recent passing of one of our artist family: the kind and talented Brian Nash. This week, we bring you a special edition Spotlight to highlight some of the joyful works by Brian in our collection.

Painting was just one of the several artistic endeavors of Brian Nash - Before becoming a painter, he had a successful career as an advertising executive, and then went on to write and record country music. Brian was a self-taught painter who was spurred to pick up a brush by his own fascination with art, and his works went on to show in galleries and permanent collections throughout the country.

Brian's style seems to beam with the joy found in the colors and patterns and repetitions of everyday objects, while often suggesting a subtle narrative. His paintings light up the homes of various collectors, and give us all a reason to smile and be glad, even in tough times. We wish peace to his family and friends, and thank him for his delightful contributions to the art world.

See more from Brian Nash here.

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Video still: "The Neighborhood", 30x40



The creations of glass sculptor Carol Milne fit into that category of artwork that is so astounding it instantly makes you want to know more. After all, how can anyone possibly knit glass? Well, turns out the solution is not so simple, but a complex art using the multifaceted process of casting glass. It is a labor intensive and delicate technique, which Carol gives us a closer look at in this week's Spotlight! 

Carol began by studying Landscape Architecture, and experimenting in many sculpture mediums, before committing fully to the medium of glass. 20 or so years later, she is currently the lone pioneer in the field of knitted glass! Let Carol take you through her studio, providing insights on the works she's made, what it means for her, and all the detailed pieces of her studio process.

See more available works by Carol Milne here.

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Video still: "Swan" 6x15x7



As one of Chasen Galleries' most popular and prolific painters, Jim Rodgers paints something for everyone. Beginning with his early days at the Art Student's League in NYC, Jim has spent over 30 years learning how to capture the unique life of a place - the unique feel of a city's streets, the particular light of country skies, the bustle of cafes and intimacy of museums. It is an undervalued skill that turns every painting from a beautiful picture into a portrait of a real, living place. 

We are fortunate that for almost a decade Jim has turned his eye to the great city of Richmond, and this week's Spotlight features many fantastic works of many recognizable places in the River City! Check it out for a closer view at the full collection, also featuring New York City, landscapes both American and European, and classic genre scenes.

See more available works by Jim Rodgers here.

Call to inquire about viewing by in-gallery appointment & detail videos.

Video still: "Richmond Skyline", 20x24



It has been two and a half years since Chasen Galleries opened a new location in Sarasota, Florida, and in that time our collection has grown into an incredible array of the finest contemporary artists and artisans. This return to Sarasota was nearly 20 years in the making, and we are thrilled to be able to share this beautiful space with clients from all over the world! That's why this week, we're offering a special variant on our Spotlight Series.

Check out the preview video to get a peek at our brand new, interactive, VIRTUAL TOUR, coming soon! This experience will give you an opportunity to walk through our full, vibrant collection of paintings, glass, and sculpture - digitally!

For the local crowd, our Sarasota location is currently open, Mon - Sat 10am - 4pm. If you'd like to see some of these works in person, give us a call and come on by. 
*Please note: all guests are required to wear masks while visiting the gallery, and asked to respect social distancing guidelines for the safety of our visitors and staff*

Call to inquire about viewing by in-gallery appointment & detail videos.

Video still: Front facade of Chasen Galleries Sarasota

Browse our Sarasota artists here.



The dynamic, highly textured abstract paintings of Karen Weihs are created by interpreting a distilled essence of her subject, free from fear or preconceptions. Skirting the line between abstract and landscape, where shimmering lights and shifting shapes emerge and dissipate, these works seem to provide a glimpse into the ethereal, otherworldly, or divine. 

This week, our spotlight focuses on Karen; her work, her inspirations, her teaching, and the other myriad aspects of her life that inform the paintings she creates. We hope it provides inspiration and encouragement for you to forge your own creative path, and surround yourself with things that lift you up!

Click the link below to view Karen's currently available paintings from Chasen Galleries!

Call to inquire about viewing by in-gallery appointment & detail videos.

Video still: "Mangrove", 20x24

See more available works by Karen Weihs here.



Sarasota-based artist Jill Krasner makes mixed media artwork that cannot be contained to any one style, or subject matter. At our Richmond location you'll find lovely still life paintings full of shapes and patterns, while our Sarasota gallery also has larger-than-life portraits of women, fully abstract squares, and beaches overflowing with greenery.

Jill says, "Making art is my anchor. The process of creating grounds me, keeping me in the moment. There is no past in my studio, no future. There is just now — and now is where I belong, where I do my best work." A little bit of grounding is what we all need right now.

Take a few minutes to check out this week's Spotlight, and maybe absorb some of those calm thoughts and bright inspirations for yourself!

Click the link below to see the catalog of Jill's paintings available now from Chasen Galleries!

Call to inquire about viewing by in-gallery appointment & detail videos.

Video still: "Beach Huts", 51x59

See more available works by Jill here.



Richmond local Emma Knight spent twenty years of her career living and painting in Savannah, Georgia before returning to RVA. That influence shows through in her quirky, somewhat surreal landscapes, with mossy trees populating peaceful parks, and cozy local landmarks full of charm. It's a style that is all her own, and perfectly suited to the sights of our historic city.

In the latest addition to our Spotlight Series, Emma tells us what drives her creative process as she patiently builds her paintings layer by layer. From her studio outside her home these musing and moody paintings are born, and make their way into our galleries and onto your walls. Join us in getting lost in the details of organic foliage and abstracted florals!

Click the link below to view Emma's currently available paintings from Chasen Galleries!

Call to inquire about viewing by in-gallery appointment & detail videos.

Video still: "Monroe Park", 24x30

See more available works by Emma Knight here.



Born in France, artist DUAIV is both an accomplished painter and musician, often finding ways to merge the two pursuits. He has built a career full of international acclaim, and cultivated an imitable style from bold hair colors, chic fashion, and a penchant for fast cars. He’s traveled the world, receiving accolades for his incredible work in service of nurturing and promoting the arts. 

Inspired by artists like Monet and Van Gogh, DUAIV has embraced the tenets of Impressionism and crafted an art style that is uniquely his own. With the world as his canvas, DUAIV's work is a contemporary representation of Impressionism at its height. 

In this week's video, you'll get a look inside the life of DUAIV and see its various facets for yourself! From the studio, to the driver seat, to the stage - it is an artistic life, lived boldly! 

Click the link below to see the catalog of DUAIV's paintings available now from Chasen Galleries!

Call to inquire about viewing by in-gallery appointment & detail videos.

Video still: "Arles Market", 30x40

See more available works by DUAIV here.



The work of Lori Eubanks is a vibrant, lush, and contemporary take on a classic impressionist style - filled to the brim with verdant leaves and bright blossoms. One of Chasen Galleries' newest additions, Lori's paintings have only been featured on the gallery walls for about a year, but we are proud to welcome her into our family of artists!

In this video, Lori gives us some insight into her style, thought process, and painting space. The artist says, "I paint because it makes me forget that this world is sometimes crazy, and we have no control over a lot of things... Creating heals the frayed parts of my mind and heart... I hope my paintings take you to a special place or time. I hope looking at my paintings just makes you feel good!" 

Click the link below to see the catalog of Lori's paintings available now from Chasen Galleries!

Call to inquire about viewing by in-gallery appointment & detail videos.

Video still: "Quiet Moment", 30x48

See more available works by Lori Eubanks here.



Holly Markhoff is a local, Richmond artist whose unmistakable style is well-known and highly sought-after! She is a prolific artist who is working on a handful of new works at any one time, shifting from figurative, to abstract, to landscape, and back again. Here, she shares with us a tour of her studio (located just blocks away from Chasen Galleries' Richmond location), and walks through a little bit about her materials and working process.

Holly's work ranges in size from minis (6x6) and small works (12x12) all the way up to nearly life-size (5x4 ft and larger!), ensuring that there's a perfect piece for every space. She has even been known to do commission paintings, in order to address the specific needs of individual clients!

Interested in adding one of Holly's inspiring works to your collection? 

Artworks are available for viewing by in-gallery appointment & detail videos! Call to inquire.

Video still: "Hillside Duet", 48x36

See more available works by Holly here.



Our most longstanding gallery favorite, Joanne Rafferty has had a career as a professional artist spanning more than 30 years with Chasen Galleries alone! Joanne is one of our most popular and collectible artists, whose work is currently beautifying the homes of countless collectors. Her 'Abstract Landscapes' are original mixed media paintings in a style that is always recognizable, constantly evolving, and yet somehow timeless.

Watch the video and get a personal tour of Joanne's studio! You'll get an insider look at where she creates, the variety of projects she has worked on over the years, her artwork's film cameos, and what her work represents to her.

A wide variety of Joanne's paintings in many sizes and color schemes are currently available! 

Call to inquire about viewing by in-gallery appointment & detail videos.

Video still: "Tranquility #7", 15x30

See more available works by Joanne here.



Chapel Hill, NC artist Matthew Scott Myers has been gracing the walls of our Richmond gallery with a collection of new paintings for the past two weeks. With recent events keeping so many folks at home, we thought we'd offer you all an up-close look at the show via video! 

Myers' painting style wanders into a variety of subject matter, styles, and treatments, making for an excellent exhibition showcase. Keep an eye out for the incredible reflections, glowing lights, tangled foliage, and romantic atmospheres that make this show really shine.

All paintings are available for viewing by in-gallery appointment & detail videos! Call to inquire.

Check out the video to get the full tour, and view artwork details by visiting our exhibitions page, above. All works are currently available for acquisition!

Video still: "The Eclipse Cabin", 24x48

See more available works by Scott here.



With his recent exhibition and live-painting sessions at our Sarasota gallery, renowned artist Steven Quartly has been one of our most active artists of late. Here he takes on a more lighthearted subject, in light of the serious public health concerns facing our country. We can all use a little levity during hard times - Quartly attempts to provide some, while helping the cause to boot.

"In an effort to create a smile, I have painted this beautiful view of a comforting subject. I will only be creating 75 limited edition prints. Each piece will donate back a portion of the proceeds to the Red Cross, to help combat the spread of COVID-19."  -Steven Quartly

Check out the video and watch this piece come to life. We thank Steven for sharing!

Original painting and limited prints are available - simply contact us at the gallery for information!

"It's the Little Things I Miss", 16x14

See more available works by Steven Quartly here.


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