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Our most longstanding gallery favorite, Joanne Rafferty has had a career as a professional artist spanning more than 30 years with Chasen Galleries alone! Joanne is one of our most popular and collectible artists, whose work is currently beautifying the homes of countless collectors. Her 'Abstract Landscapes' are original mixed media paintings in a style that is always recognizable, constantly evolving, and yet somehow timeless.

Watch the video and get a personal tour of Joanne's studio! You'll get an insider look at where she creates, the variety of projects she has worked on over the years, her artwork's film cameos, and what her work represents to her.

A wide variety of Joanne's paintings in many sizes and color schemes are currently available! 

Call to inquire about viewing by in-gallery appointment & detail videos.

Video still: "Tranquility #7", 15x30

See more available works by Joanne Rafferty here.



Chapel Hill, NC artist Matthew Scott Myers has been gracing the walls of our Richmond gallery with a collection of new paintings for the past two weeks. With recent events keeping so many folks at home, we thought we'd offer you all an up-close look at the show via video! 

Myers' painting style wanders into a variety of subject matter, styles, and treatments, making for an excellent exhibition showcase. Keep an eye out for the incredible reflections, glowing lights, tangled foliage, and romantic atmospheres that make this show really shine.

All paintings are available for viewing by in-gallery appointment & detail videos! Call to inquire.

Check out the video to get the full tour, and view artwork details by visiting our exhibitions page, above. All works are currently available for acquisition!

Video still: "The Eclipse Cabin", 24x48

See more available works by Matthew Scott Myers here.



With his recent exhibition and live-painting sessions at our Sarasota gallery, renowned artist Steven Quartly has been one of our most active artists of late. Here he takes on a more lighthearted subject, in light of the serious public health concerns facing our country. We can all use a little levity during hard times - Quartly attempts to provide some, while helping the cause to boot.

"In an effort to create a smile, I have painted this beautiful view of a comforting subject. I will only be creating 75 limited edition prints. Each piece will donate back a portion of the proceeds to the Red Cross, to help combat the spread of COVID-19."  -Steven Quartly

Check out the video and watch this piece come to life. We thank Steven for sharing!

Original painting and limited prints are available - simply contact us at the gallery for information!

"It's the Little Things I Miss", 16x14

See more available works by Steven Quartly here.