Lori Eubanks

Lori Eubanks

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Lori Eubanks is inspired by French Impressionists but is dedicated to her own unique approach to form. Her work is loose, intuitive, and richly complex. She is most often recognized for her colorful, vibrant palette. Lori finds inspiration in traveling throughout the United States and Europe. She paints what moves her on an emotional level. Lori’s work invites the viewer to look closer and connect with memories of familiar places. She recently spent time in Italy and is just beginning to paint the many beautiful things she saw there. She is primarily self-taught, but has taken many workshops, including a 10-day trip to France, which included painting in Monet’s garden. Her love of painting began at an early age but her growth as an artist has accelerated in the last 10 years. Her medium of choice is oil. She is represented by galleries across the United States and is also part of many private and corporate collections.


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