Steven Quartly: Live Studio Tour

Visiting an artist in their studio is a rare treat typically reserved for gallery owners, the artist, and a few collectors. But, we wanted to correct this. So we've partnered with artist Steven Quartly to give you a behind-the-scenes view of his studio in California, and the very first glimpse of his brand new paintings!

Steven will be taking over the Chasen Galleries Facebook page on Saturday, August 15th, and going LIVE for a private studio tour - and you're invited to join us!

On Saturday, August 15th, from 1pm - 1:30pm and 5 - 5:30pm tune in to our Facebook page to chat with Steven, hear him answer questions, and talk about the new work. We hope to see you there!

The new works for Steven's virtual exhibition are shown below. Please contact Andrew at Chasen Galleries Sarasota to inquire about availability: 941 260 5787


We've received some great questions for Steven over the last two weeks, here are some of them, and the answers from the artist himself:

Q: What is the definition of a contemporary Impressionist?

A: An artist with a unique style, using some pallet knife work, and processes taken from the French Impressionists.

Q: What inspires the paintings you do?

A: I am inspired by specific moments in time.

Q: What is your favorite painting tool?

A: I love my large mirror in my studio - it is invaluable to frequently see the work on my easel in reverse. It helps me focus on the shapes and values.

Q: Whether in a small town in France, or in Central Park, what is the catalyst for inspiration that says to you, "paint this"?

A: I need to feel the emotion behind the scene, and I love depth of field or aerial perspective.

Q: How do you choose the titles of your flower paintings?

A: Flowers are a gift and I always feel gratitude with flower paintings- that inspires my titles.

Q: Have the rise of electronically created artwork made traditional creative methods reassess their purpose in life?

A: I feel that the rise of electronics has benefited my work. Now I take the photo or paint from life as well as bring the photo into my iPad and explore the composition and light.

Q: When you begin a painting do you have the entire finished work designed either in your mental vision or rather in sketchbooks or trial renderings? Or is the final piece affected by the process of creation?

A: I do not always have the final image complete in my mind. The creative process changes the work in a great way and affects the outcome.

Q: Who are some VIPs that have bought your paintings?

A: Some of my most famous collectors are the Mondavi family, Wolfgang Puck, and baseball player Adam Laroche.

Q: Is painting anything like meditation? If so, how so? If not, what is it like?

A: No, painting is like Yoga... It hurts when you're in it... then hopefully, when you're done, you can meditate on the work.

Q: What media do you prefer to use?

A: My media preference is usually oil.

Q: What was your first piece ever painted?

A: I painted a skill saw blade at age 10.

Q: What is your favorite painting you've made?

A: My favorite is always the one on the easel. It's like catching a big wave, and then you're on the lookout for a bigger and better one.

Q: Your style is beautifully loose and free and so accurate. Was this always the case for you or did you have to learn to free yourself up and hone that loose style over time?

A: Yes, I have loosened up, and yet the disciplines of earlier painting have added to my current style. I studied Graphic design in College and that has helped as well.

Q: What is your favorite subject to paint?

A: My favorite subject changes often, but recently has been American flags.

Q: At what point did you decide you wanted to pursue art as more than just a hobby?

A: I was working at Mrs. Grossmans sticker co. Mrs. Grossman was looking to hire me as a designer and she pushed me toward where I am today. She taught me how to Dream Big. Huge turning point.