The global market size for online art sales will reach an impressive $9.32 billion by 2024. This growth can be attributed to the convenience of shopping online and the increasing number of platforms that offer artworks from a wide range of artists.


However, with the growing number of scams and fraudulent activities, many people wonder if buying art online is safe. This has been a major concern for people across America, especially in Sarasota and Richmond.


Today's post tells you all you need to know about how to buy art online safely. Let's delve right in.

What Are Some Common Concerns When Buying Art Online?

Buying art online is a one of a kind experience, and with all the advances in technology, we understand that there are some concerns such as:


The Art Looks Great on the Screen, but How Will It Look in Person?

It's a valid concern- you want to make sure that the art you're buying looks as great in person as it does on your screen. That's why the best galleries, like Chasen Galleries, do not just offer top-notch art consultation but also provide hi-res images of their artwork. These hi-res images allow you to get a sense of the brushstrokes, the colors, and the texture before you make your purchase.


You're Unsure of the Artwork's Authenticity

When buying online, it's natural to have concerns about authenticity. After all, you can't inspect the piece in person before making a decision. However, you can put your mind at ease by choosing an established gallery like Chasen Galleries that works directly with the artists to ensure that each piece on sale is genuine and of the highest quality.


Safety Concerns When Making Online Payment

When you purchase art online, you want to be sure that your transaction is safe and secure. After all, you're trusting the gallery with your personal and financial information.


Fortunately, the best online galleries take security very seriously and have measures in place to protect both their clients and themselves. When you make a payment on a secure website, your information is encrypted, so third parties can't intercept it. In addition, the gallery will often use reputable third-party payment processors, adding an extra layer of security.


What if the Art Is Damaged in Shipping?

One common concern people have when buying art online is what will happen if the piece is damaged in shipping. It's a legitimate concern- art is fragile and can be expensive to replace or repair.


When you purchase from a reputable gallery like Chasen Galleries, you can rest assured that your piece will be packed with the utmost care. Many of these galleries have been sending glass sculptures around the world for many years and have teams that are experienced in ensuring that each piece arrives safely. This attention to detail provides peace of mind when making a purchase, knowing that your investment will arrive safe and sound.


What if I End Up Not Liking the Art In My Home?

You want to make sure you'll love the art in your home. The best online galleries understand this and offer in-home trials as well as photo mockups of what the art will look like in your space. This way, you can get a feel for how the piece works in your home before committing to the purchase. And if you do end up not liking it? No problem- most galleries have a return policy so that you can send it back without hassle.


Explore Fine Art Online Now

Buying art online can be a bit of a leap of faith because you can't see the piece in person. There are many concerns involved, from the piece's authenticity to whether you'll like it when it reaches you. The best way to address these issues is to work with an art gallery you can trust. Are you in the market for fine art you can trust? Contact us or check out our exhibitions today.


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