Are you searching for artwork to breathe life into your office? At Chasen Galleries, we offer a comprehensive collection of large and small art to suit your office space. A new piece of art can change the mood of your whole office and improve your existing decor. Regardless of what you are looking for, our gallery has the right painting or sculpture for your corporate space.

Why Your Business Requires Art Consulting in Sarasota

If you are considering installing a piece of original art in your business foyer or conference room, you will benefit from the help of a commercial art advisor. Sarasota, FL, hosts a broad spectrum of artwork, and that's where we come in. We understand that choosing the perfect artwork for your office space can be a challenging task.

Founder and owner, Andrew Chasen has over 40 years of experience helping clients choose artwork that is a true extension of their personality. The right art selection makes you feel confident and proud, that also applies to your business. Our commercial art advisors can help you plan and rearrange your office space to feel fresh and compliment your new artwork to its full decorative potential. You can visit us to check out our gallery for the perfect piece of authentic, contemporary art for your space.

Find the Best Art for Your Business

Our commercial artwork advisors are ready to help people in Sarasota, FL, find the perfect artwork for their offices. We will guide you until you find the best artwork that suits your business.

Before we bring our expertise, you have to know where you want to place your artwork. Remember, the space you choose determines the art you select. Since every piece of art is unique, it affects the entire room's look. So, deciding where to place it first makes it easy for us to help you find the right one. At Chasen Gallery, we offer various services, including art consultation, and we will work with you until you find the perfect work of art. 

Art to Express Your Taste and Style

We are the home to some amazing artwork that will inspire you. Nothing feels good like finding art that matches your artistic taste and style. Our art collection features art of Contemporary Artists from around the globe, including:

Steven Quartly

You can find a collection of art from this well-known artist specializing in Contemporary Impressionism. He has dedicated his life to painting the world as he sees it. Quartly started oil painting at 13, expressing his love for nature and life. He got his inspiration from the beautiful scenery of the Northern California Coast.

Holly Markhoff

Holly is a contemporary mixed-media artist originally influenced by Modigliani and Klimt. Now residing in the Sarasota area, her work has evolved to incorporate sculptural elements with paints building up between layers of glaze to create a glass-like translucence.

Bisaillon Brothers

Jeffrey Bisaillon and Michael Bisaillon formed Jbis Art originally in Upstate New York over 20 years ago, merging their abstract and pop art influences. The Bisaillon Brothers now create collections of 3D Pop Art-inspired artwork in which their acrylic painting on canvas and panel is merged with mixed media, photography, and graphic design.

Joanne Rafferty

She is a member of the National Association of Women Artists and finds joy in creating unique abstract landscapes. She uses exotic papers, metallic powders, polymers and acrylics, tiny glass beads, and collages to create her art.

We Live Through Art

Chasen Galleries' services range from commercial art trials, art appraisals, custom commissioned work, and private consultations. We have an amazing collection of art for you to choose from and get to understand your style and taste. 

Custom Art Commissions

Do you have a unique space in your commercial property that needs some particular attention? We also commission artwork from your favorite artists for large, unique spaces and installations. This is particularly popular if your business space offers a courtyard, fountain, large foyer, or grand hall. We offer custom installation of glass art light fixtures, enormous wall hangings, and permanent outdoor structures. If you have a vision for your space, we can make it a reality! 

On-Site Consultation

Our commercial art advisors are available for appointments and office visits. An office visit helps our advisors consider your office lighting, color, shape, and the size of the area you want to place your art. We will also come with various pieces to your office to enable you to see different options before you make your final decision.

Virtual Art Placement

You can share with us a photo of the space you wish to place the artwork; then, we will photoshop various options and your requested art into that place. This option makes it easy to buy that perfect art for your office. Share your email with us, and we will get back to you on how to take the photo.

Art Check Out

Suggestions, printouts, and virtual art placement don't give you the exact feeling you are looking for, so we offer art checkouts. We provide our customers with 48 hours of office trials for the artwork they consider purchasing. You can test them out to see how the artwork looks in your space. But the liability of safe-keeping of the art on checkout is on you, and you must ensure it's insured.

Visit us today in Sarasota, FL, or schedule a consultation with one of our commercial art advisors.

Shop Fine Art in Sarasota, FL

Don't struggle with finding the perfect artwork for your office; let us help you! Chasen Galleries has been serving the Sarasota community for over 23 years! We are dedicated to helping you find that flawless work of art that suits your space and gives your office an entirely new vibe. Regardless of your taste and style, we know we have an exquisite piece for you. Contact us today, and you won't be disappointed.

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