Patera Kori Studios

Patera Kori Studios

The gentle simplicity and elegant form and motion of a Patera Kori Studios sculpture touches the quiet, balanced center of our souls. The graceful movements of the ballerina, the still stable form of the sitting, meditating monk, the perfect geometrically expanding spirals of the nautilus shell all influence the artistic vision of the kinetic wood sculptures produced by Patera Kori Studios.

Wood and wood sculptures were most likely the first material and first form of decorative art created by man. Patera Kori Studios choice of wood, as the primary sculptural material, is rooted in the primordial origin of man’s artistic endeavors.

As observers of the natural world, we see that most everything in nature is curved. It is often said that there are no straight lines in nature. Even space and time, as Einstein pointed out, are curved.

The father and daughter team at Patera Kori Studios combines the use of wood and the graceful curves found in nature to provide the cornerstone and structural foundation for our sculptures.

Come along with us as we explore the worlds of ancient art, mathematics, philosophy, botony and architecture as they all impact the evolving, artistic journey of Patera Kori Studios.



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1830 South Osprey Avenue
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