Michael Young

Michael Young is a retired biotechnology executive who has traveled extensively throughout the world, is a veteran and has been riding Harley’s since the 60’s. He lives and works in the high desert of the Southwest and on the New England coast. He writes about the American way of life and out-of-the-ordinary adventures discovering the ultimate meaning of life, and creates sculptures of the nude feminine natural form.

There are thousands of different emotions that each one of us encounters during our lives, and those feelings range from strong, deep thoughts to finer almost ethereal sensations. They may be almost singular and pure or highly complicated with many twists and turns of the heart, imagination and the soul. Conjure up almost any emotion and then try to define it and capture it in words. You will find yourself composing a paragraph or two or more while trying to reproduce the essence of that individual and particular emotion.

Our thoughts and beliefs are transferred into our bodies in ways that we may or may not be aware of or even understand. But someone observing us may be able to detect what we are feeling by the position of our body – the way we hold our head, stretch an arm or move our legs. In an instant, everything we are feeling is embodied in our physical nature, however lasting or fleeting in time the emotion.

In his sculptures of the nude feminine natural form, Mike desires to capture those quintessential moments of human expression and personal, honest vulnerability that we cherish as special and defining events that tell us, the observer, what was going on in that person when their body showed those emotions. It is about a perfect human experience of the model that the sculpture endeavors to capture for the observer.

Beginning with the vision of such an emotion, reduced to a sketch, drawing or photograph, Mike then strives to capture that experience in a permanent ceramic sculpture, finished in a traditional impressionist tone that tries to continue in that pure way an appreciation of a time of great art and artists.



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