Fay Miller

23 x 9 x 8 in
Price on Request

About the Artist

Fay Miller

Contemporary glass artist Fay Miller left a graphic arts career to create beautiful glass objects with her own two hands. Intrigued by the reflective sheen of glass, Fay's work tends to be surface oriented, decorative and undisciplined. She delights in the random beauty and joy of glass. Fay attended Moore College of Art, Queen's College and Westchester School of Fine Arts. Her work is shown in many galleries and juried exhibits. Fay speaks about her work: "Interpreting and refining the multitude of stimuli that bombard my brain everyday is what my work is about. Everyday I see things I want to recreate - leaves blowing in the wind, animal horns at the zoo, buildings rising in the city, political debates on television, seasons changing the landscape and people gathered in joyous celebration. I incorporate elements of whimsy wildness and intense color. The beauty, geometry and harshness of the natural world drive my creative process. My medium is glass and I'm fascinated by the liquid solid contradiction it represents. I'm intrigued as well by the technical aspects, which involve chemistry and physics. My work makes me a whole person and I'm incredibly lucky to be able to do it."

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1830 South Osprey Avenue
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Sarasota, FL 34239
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