Sue Jachimiec

Keek I
Oil & Cold Wax
12 x 12 in

About the Artist

Sue Jachimiec

Sue Jachimiec was born and raised in Chicago, IL. After graduation from the University of Iowa, Sue worked on the trading floor at the Chicago Board of Trade. Desiring a break from the hustle and bustle of city life, she moved to Richmond, VA, pursued her artistic passion and quickly became connected within the art community.

Today Sue works with a variety of mediums, such as oil and cold wax, encaustic, and acrylic. Many of her days are spent experimenting in her studio. The process of manipulating layers to allow for a surface rich in texture is a main theme throughout her work.

Sue travels between her studios in Richmond, Virginia and Dodgeville, Wisconsin with her husband Jeff, and always finds inspiration for her latest artistic creations wherever she goes.


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1830 South Osprey Avenue
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