Viz Glass

Infinity Knot - champagne
5 x 6 x 6 in
The Infinity Knot is a symbol of Serenity & Everlasting love! Everyone should have at least one!!

About the Artist

Viz Glass

At Viz Glass, our passion for glass is rooted in the rich and sparkling appeal when light and glass mix. Over the years, that emotional attachment has transcended to practical applications of the material. There are endless possibilities of color, texture, and form that allow us to create what our clients envision. We refer to it as "made for forever", as its color and durability, unlike other mediums, will not rust or tarnish over time.

Each Viz Art Glass piece is hand made by talented artisans. No two are ever alike. Each piece is a unique work of art. Our unique lighting captures both light and the imagination. Viz Glass lighting is not just about illuminating a room, it's about creating an emotion.

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1830 South Osprey Avenue
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Sarasota, FL 34239
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