Gevorg Tadevosyan

Between the Times
12 x 6 x 7 in

About the Artist

Gevorg Tadevosyan, on his creative process:

Everything starts with an idea. Having an idea is fundamental for conceiving and creating an artwork. Once the idea is here, it is so volatile, immaterial and untouchable. The artist catches the idea planning in air and transform it to a touchable and visual object. This transformation is the art of sculpture.

What I look to see in my works is the movement. I understand well that by their physical nature artwork are static, they can’t move, change the position. So to give some life to them I try create the illusion of movement.

The most important to me is the combination of line and form. It is kind of talk in the composition. My challenge is to find the conversation that will be pleasant to listen by viewer.

Everyday hardworking, reading, drawing, studying, searching and challenging these are the “obvious secrets” of success in art.

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1830 South Osprey Avenue
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Sarasota, FL 34239
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