Chasen Galleries is proud to showcase the work of the world’s most collectible contemporary artists. We represent both established, highly sought-after artists, as well as some of the most skilled emerging artists. Our offerings span the globe, often coming to us from other countries (including France, Germany, Peru, Canada, Spain, and more) or across the U.S.

On the Fine Artists, Glass Artists and Sculptors pages (linked to below) you will find links to our artists and their galleries. We offer an extensive selection of original wall art, 3-dimensional sculpture, and fine art glass of all types.

We hope you enjoy browsing, and we would love to assist you in purchasing an exceptional piece of fine art to add warmth and beauty to your collection, if you so desire. Please call us at 804.204.1048 or reach out to us via our Contact page if you have any questions, we would be happy to answer them.


We pride ourselves on our fine artists and the variety of colors, styles, and subject matter that we offer in our collection of original paintings, with works ranging from landscape, to still life, to abstract, and figurative. We are highly selective of the works that we acquire, and are determined to offer them to you at competitive prices. If you are not sure what you're looking for, feel free to call us with a size, budget, and any other specifics you can provide, and we would be happy to make some recommendations of beautiful images to fill your space. You can even send us pictures!


Here at the gallery you can see the largest collection of glass artistry anywhere in Richmond, with styles and techniques that push the very boundaries of what can be created with this fascinating medium. Our artists use techniques including blown glass, sand-cast, etched, fused, sandblasted, and even the incredibly rare cold-worked glass, and woven glass! We know you will be astounded at the variety and the quality of our selection, spanning a wide range of size and price. In one visit you can acquire great small gift items as well as large sculptural masterpieces.


Three dimensional artworks occupy much of the gallery floor on any given day, including bronze, steel, wood, ceramic, and glass items. Sculptural artwork can add a whole new dimension to your home collection, adding variety, filling awkward spaces, and even providing a bit of fun or humor. Have a tricky wall or floor space that you'd love to fill? Maybe a centerpiece or tabletop artwork is what you're missing? Give us a call and let us make some suggestions on how to create a unique space that will be a great conversation-starter.