Joanne Rafferty : Dance of Light (SARASOTA)

Long-time Chasen Galleries favorite Joanne Miller Rafferty returns with a show of stunning new, mixed media, Abstract Landscapes! Joanne has been working with Chasen Galleries for over 30 years, and her incredible work is currently beautifying the homes of countless collectors and friends around the country. With a style that is continually evolving and yet never loses its timeless elegance, it's no wonder our clients keep coming back for more.

We hope you'll join us for the opening of Joanne's latest exhibition, meet the artist, and maybe become a Rafferty collector yourself! 

Opening Reception:
Thursday, February 20th
5pm - 8pm

Artist's Statement:

When you are dancing, you give of yourself to the rhythm and the elements of human happiness with high spirit. You feel weightless, you imagine light, the heaviness of your senses is faded.

When I am painting, I feel that same rush and spontaneous energy, that leap of faith of a passionate life, decades of living and learning, delighting in emotion and filled with inspiration. Light streaming in. Dance steps.

My new abstract works reflect this inspirational diversion, precious to the earth, and overflowing with amazement. The light is dancing and so is my high spirit. Never expected, but everything I dreamed.

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