Sydney Hall

Daily Brew
24 x 24 in

About the Artist

Sydney Hall

Sydney Hall was born in Washington, DC and raised in Virginia. From a young age she had the palpable desire to express herself through art. With all of the arts of Washington close at hand, there was a plethora of fodder for her artistic inspiration.

Sydney studied foundation art at a local community college and then painting and printmaking at VCU. Further studies in portrait and figure from the Virginia Museum Studio School and Richmond Visual Art Center as well as numerous workshops with master artists were also incorporated into her educational background. The most prevalent of her expanded training was in the search for a better understanding of light and color and how to best express this through paint. She then discovered some artists who would give her extensive knowledge into uncovering the nuances in this arena. They in turn, had trained under artist Henry Henshe who started and ran the Cape Cod School of Color. Hensche studied under an American Impressionist painter Charles Hawthorne whose artistic lineage stemmed from Claude Monet.

A professional artist for over twenty years, Sydney’s paintings and style are known for their use of unusual and intimate angles as well as a flair for revealing the beauty in unexpected places and ordinary objects. Either still-life or landscape, they are about bringing the kaleidoscopic moments of what surrounds us into focus. She feels an artists’ life is essentially about sharing and as each component emerges there is a juxtaposition with the artwork and the paintings themselves which reveals the engaging elements of our everyday lives.

Living in California, Sydney concentrates on painting and teaching workshops. Her paintings are represented nationally and can be found as far abroad as France.

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