Victor ChiariziaVictor Chiarizia creates masterful works in glass by following his creative visions. Reflecting upon his life experiences, he creates from the soul. Chiarizia has forged a unique path in glass as a result of being proficient in both flameworking and blown glass techniques, an accomplishment that is quite rare. His direction in glass is distinct in that Chiarizia has created work in both genres individually, as well as combining the two techniques. His varied talents and expertise have allowed him to explore and discover innovative ways of creating art in glass.

Throughout the past quarter century, Chiarizia has produced a diverse body of work and in the artist’s own words, he has “tasted the many fruits of the fire”. Creating with his hands has always been central to Chiarizia’s life, a tradition that is deeply rooted in his Italian-American culture. The essence of his work is self expression through creation.

Victor Chiarizia began working with glass in 1975 while studying scientific glassblowing in New Jersey, and by 1981 he had established a flameworking studio. For many years, he produced technical and artistic work ranging from intricate scientific apparatus to a series of glass flowers. Chiarizia also created a series of highly collectible ornaments as well as producing work for numerous private commissions. The development of Chiarizia’s flameworked flowers in the mid 1980s, which were inspired by the work of Leopold and Rudolpf Blaschka on exhibit at the Botanical Museum at Harvard University, would prove to be an important milestone in the artist’s journey. Years later he would look back on this work as a source of inspiration for his current Botanical series.

In 1986, Chiarizia began exploring hot glass which allowed him to work in new ways with a familiar medium. Predominantly self taught in blown glass, Chiarizia explored the vessel form and created functional and decorative objects. The direction of his work shifted in the mid 1990s to sculptural forms when Chiarizia adopted the use of the incalmo technique. The striping and separations of color inherent with that process have allowed Chiarizia to use color to emphasize the characteristics of his designs, resulting in dramatic effects. Chiarizia is renowned for his use of vibrant colors and innovative designs. The fluid forms combined with spirited colors are his unique artistic signature in art glass.

By the late 1990s, Chiarizia was blazing a new trail with glass. He had combined his extensive flameworking and blown glass experience to create a new body of sculptural work called the Botanical series. The symbolism depicted in each sculpture represents a metaphor for life and each tells a unique story which relates to the human predicament and the evolution of the spirit. The thematic link in this series is the potential for growth and change. Mastering two genres of glassblowing is a significant feat for a single artist and Chiarizia’s unique union and innovative use of two distinct yet complementary glassblowing techniques has resulted in a body of work that is ground breaking in the medium of glass.

Chiarizia works in his studio located on an old mill river in historic Connecticut. His art is represented by fine galleries nationally and exhibited in collections throughout the United States and internationally.

“Glass is fluid and alive. It challenges me. I challenge it. We dance together and I create” – Victor Chiarizia

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