Vicki Blum was born in Coral Gables, Florida in 1964 and currently resides in Clifton, Virginia, where she focuses on portraiture and still life oil painting.

She graduated from Sweet Briar College in 1985 with a major in Art History. She began painting seriously in 1997 at the Art League in AlexandriaÍs Torpedo Factory with well known artists Peter Thrasher, Rick Weaver and Kurt Schwarz. In the belief that you can never learn enough about art, she continues to take workshops and courses from renowned portrait and figure painters, including Nelson Shanks, Burt Silverman, Robert Liberace and Danni Dawson.

Vicki Blum strives to portray the spirit and personality of each sitter, focusing on the individuality of each person. Vicki paints in a classical realist style, with a hint of impressionism in her still life work. She is able to work from photos and from life.

The Vicki Blum Gallery: