Thomas McKnightThomas McKnight, long praised and admired for his loving treatment of fabled places, brings new life to his vibrant signature palette with the introduction of sensual, healing hues in “Hanna Cove” (see below). Dedicated collectors of his work will identify with his now legendary “nostalgia for an earthly Eden,” while they, along with new admirers, will delight at the layers of fresh perspective that recede to a fantastic horizon. Rare and worth cherishing is the artist who does not create solely for the acceptance of his peers, and so we offer McKnight our most humble gratitude as his generous creations invite us to “leap across the threshold into some other kind of life.”

Thomas McKnight’s works adorn the walls of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Smithsonian, the White House and galleries around the world.

McKnight is considered one of the world’s most accomplished contemporary artists.

Works available by Thomas McKnight: Hand-pulled Limited Edition Serigraphs on Vellum Paper and Canvas

Also inquire about the Thomas McKnight’s book “WINDOWS ON PARADISE”

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