“Thanks so much, Andrew! I really appreciate that you came out to hang the paintings — love them!!” – LC, Manakin-Sabot, VA February 2017

“We have it and love it. Thank you for your help in getting this for us.” – A&IU, Columbia, SC February 2017

“You did a terrific job for us!” (Sherwin Ghaphery commission) – A&KG, Oakton, VA February 2017

“Thanks… love it more each time I see it. Thank you for having such great taste in art.” – I&KM, Richmond, VA February 2017

“I’m still smiling every day at all the beautiful artwork! I feel like those pieces transformed my house.” – J&DB, Moseley, VA August 2016

“He was totally surprised and just spent 1/2 hour unpacking to see what was inside the wrapper! Thanks for helping me surprise him. It’s rare he gets truly surprised!” – R&FG, Yardley, PA May 2016

“Just wanted to let you know that we received all the art pieces yesterday. Everything was in perfect condition and fits beautifully in our home. Thank you again.” – E&GR, April 2016

“We couldn’t be happier with out first foray into the world of art! You literally sparked a fire in us that we are certain to nourish and cherish.” – P&DS, Richmond, VA March 2016

“Thank you so much for coming to my home yesterday and leaving such beautiful artwork. I can’t tell you how excited I am, and my house has never looked better!” – CB, Manakin Sabot, VA February 2016

“I love your professionalism.” – SP, Chesterfield, VA February 2016

“I just opened ‘Delphiniums with Apricots” – oh my gosh, it’s SO gorgeous!!!! Thanks so much!” – RT, Casa Grande, AZ January 2016

“The painting has arrived safely. It looks wonderful. Thanks for all you did to make this happen.” – CB, Greensboro, NC April 2015

“Thank you for making my home beautiful.” – IM, Richmond, VA March 2015

“Please accept my very belated but sincere thanks for everything you did to help make [our event] a huge success… I’ve enjoyed getting to know you and your gorgeous gallery over the last two years.” – CJ, Richmond, VA March 2015

“They are truly amazing pieces.” (Robert Scavuzzo color towers) – T&MH, Arlington, NC March 2015

“Your gallery is where we start our journey…” – D&JK, Richmond, VA February 2015

“Thank you for helping us find the beautiful Trisha Adams painting.” – J&SA Richmond, VA November 2014

“Thanks for the wonderful piece!” – M&BK Glen Allen, VA September 2014

“I had the painting hanging in his office; great to see his face when he walked in–he is rarely speechless. We both love it!” – JS Richmond, VA March 2014

“Loved your gallery and will certainly make it a regular stop on our future trips to Richmond.” – LM, Lutherville, MD February 2014

“And, yes, it’s perfect. Thank you for all of your help- it truly goes above and beyond to facilitate a commission over the phone!” – BP, Falls Church, VA January 2014.

“I really appreciate your help this last year.” – BS, Richmond, VA December 2013

“It was a pleasure doing business with you, and we are very much enjoying the two paintings we purchased from your gallery.” – A-M & DS, Covington, LA December 2013

“I inquired with them exactly as I did with you (and heard nothing), so the fact that you helped me and even gave me a (quite unnecessary) apology for the delay speaks volumes about your integrity and dedication as a business person.  Regardless of whether we ultimately do any business together, I’m grateful for your efforts.” – SP, NY October 2013

“It was really good talking with you. Thanks for the pictures. As I mentioned, my wife and I are just starting our art collection. Your gallery is first on my list of places to find art.” – VT, Los Angeles, CA July 2013

“The framed picture we picked up yesterday looks great” – R&MM, Richmond, VA June 2013

“My painting arrived yesterday and it’s just beautiful. Even better than I’d envisioned. Please convey my compliments to Mr. Ibe, including the care taken with shipping it. I’ll start counting my pennies for my next Ibe!” – JV, Atlanta, GA. June 2013

“It (Joanne Rafferty painting) arrived in perfect condition and it looks great!  I really like it and it goes well with the other one.  They are going to look perfect next to the bed. Thank you for all of your help.” – SZ. San Jaun Capistrano, CA May 2013

“We love our artwork !!! (Joanne Rafferty commission)” – S & JY. Chesterfield, VA March 2013

“Thank you very much for all of your efforts to make sure the paintings we have just purchased were exactly right – and for the time you spent to bring them out to us, consult with us about them and hang them. We love the paintings – and we love buying them from you!” – E & WS, Richmond, VA Jan 2013

“Your website is beyond impressive!” – J.F., Raleigh, NC Dec 2012

“Thank you so much, Andrew. I love your gallery!” – M.M., Richmond, VA Nov. 2012

“Another beautiful piece of work to add to the collection. Thank you for your help.” – R & JB, Gladwyn, PA Oct 2012

“I’m thrilled with the sculpture (Alex Kveton commission)” – KA, Washington, DC July 2012

“Awesome!  We are so excited! (Re: Robert Joyner commission). They are perfect!!” – PF, Americus, GA July 2012

“I received the Rafferty piece and am thrilled.  I expect to paint the wall inset space and hang it here….  It picks up light from the window and looks great!!  Thanks for getting it to me safely..” – SK, Portland, OR May, 2012

“I love the painting its beautiful. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.” – FBN, NYC, NY May 2012

“I just got back to the office from hanging your (Trisha Adams) pieces and I am smitten with them. In fact, that’s probably not even strong enough of a word for how much I liked them. The color palettes were impeccable. I must say that I have never been a still life fanatic, but seeing your pieces in person has made me fall in love with yours!! It took a lot of energy not to walk out of there with them under my arm. Thanks again for being so helpful throughout this whole process – you have been a pleasure to work with and I really hope we can do it again!!” – AT, Corporate Art Firm, VA March, 2012

“Wow….that’s fast!  This is a very pleasant surprise.  We hope our computer monitor is doing a good job of displaying the true colors because we love it.  Joanne (Rafferty) has nailed both the composition and the colors we tried to communicate.  Her talents have definitely come through.  We are not expecting any surprises and are eager to see it in our home. Please let Joanne know that we are very excited and pleased at how effectively she transformed our thoughts into a beautiful piece of art.  Tell her we love the piece and thank her for us.” – N&CS, CA March 2012

“We LOVE the Rafferty painting we purchased.  It has a prominent place in our home.  Thanks for your gallery….we will return.” – M&D K, NY December 2011

“Today I have been perusing the websites of Richmond galleries and came across yours. And unexpectedly I was so moved by your sumptuous, eclectic, vibrant collection of art that I just wanted to thank you for the great pleasure and inspiration it provided me with. I am an artist and was so thrilled by what I saw; I had to put it into words. I am so happy your website is their [sic] to return to again.   Lovely pieces indeed!” – MR  August 2011

“We have so enjoyed every piece we have purchased from your gallery.” – KS, Richmond, VA August 2011

“Your site is actually wonderful, user friendly and is great at peaking “other” interests which weren’t the original reason for visiting.” – BN, California July 2011

“There are some really unique pieces here.  Their glass art is really something special.  Colorful and delicate at the same time, and also some more modern pieces.  They also have really great and original wall art.  The people are great as well.  They know about each piece and can answer any questions, they’re pretty funny too.  We had a really nice talk about some of our favorite artists.  Overall a great place.” – RP, Charlotte, NC

“The painting arrived today (Hallam nautical chart)………..it is gorgeous…………… thank you so much for arranging it.” – JP, Baltimore, MD March 2011

“Andrew, please tell Mr. Kasun that we love the painting. It is exactly what we wanted. Thank you for all of your help.” – NR, Midlothian, VA December 2010

“Andrew, thank you for sending me newsletters. Your website is great, it’s one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. I’d like to wish a wonderful Holiday Season and a very successful and Happy New Year. With best wishes…” – Dunajska AS, Slovak Republic December 2010

“Just wanted to let you know that the Hessam piece in NY is absolutely perfect!  Larry was thrilled…thank you for helping me with that “project”! It looks like it was designed specifically for our condo…makes the place look bigger and gives it life!” – MC Richmond, VA December 2010

“I love it.  Please thank Joanne (Rafferty) for her responsiveness and willingness to incorporate my favorite elements.  This will be a piece of art I treasure for a lifetime.” – LH Richmond, VA October 2010

“Thank you again for bringing the painting to our house.  I appreciate your help getting it home and am already enjoying it.” – TP Midlothian, VA Sept 2010

“Its always a pleasure to speak to you or email with you..lol, and to recieve Joanne’s (Rafferty) outstanding paintings. Thank you for your help!” – SB, NY, NY August 2010

“For those of you who haven’t worked with Marc Cates and Andrew Chasen of Chasen Galleries on Cary Street, they are really a great resource to have. They’ve been more than helpful with my art needs.” – CW Richmond, VA August 2010

“They (Andrew & Marc) have also been very helpful to me with my art needs.” – RT New Hampshire August 2010

“Gail (Taylor)…we just wanted to let you know that we picked up our artwork last weekend.  We absolutely love it and is perfect for our home.  We are enjoying seeing how different light situations during the day bring out colors and subtleties that we may not see at night.  The way you continued the design around the edges is perfect as well.  We are looking forward to showing it off to our friends in the near future! Thank you for responding to our comments and creating such a unique piece of art for our home.” – G & RW, Midlothian, VA May 2010

“It was simply wonderful last night (at the Ben Barnes show)! We are so excited about the two pieces…can’t wait to see where they end up in our home! Thanks again for your assistance…you make it so much fun!” – M & LC Richmond, VA Feb 2010

“We would like to thank you for helping us select our new artwork and for taking time from your schedule to personally deliver the finished pieces. They are perfect in our home and they are even more special since you helped us find the perfect spot to hang each one. We know we will enjoy them for years to come.” – T & MW, Midlothian, VA

“Beautiful.  I love it. Please tell Mr. Hallam” – SJ, Wyomissing, PA

“Andrew, the (Joan Colomer) painting is absolutely beautiful…just perfect…and his message on the back was so very touching. My client and her husband are thrilled! I wouldn’t be surprised if they decide one day to buy another of his paintings. …Thank you so much for your help.” – JB, New Rochelle, NY

“Andrew,thank you for the quick shipping and excellent correspondence.” – SM, Cedar Rapids, IA

“Dear Marc, he (the Nolan’s Pianist soft sculpture) is a fun addition to our house!!!” – AK, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

“Dear Andrew, we are very excited to purchase Eric Waugh’s art and would like to thank you for your prompt assistance with that purchase. All the best to you and your business.” – A and T D

“Dear Mr. Chasen: My wife Debbie and I want to thank you for making Tommie Rush’s glass sculpture,Tulip Vase, available to us through the State Department’s Art in Embassies program. It is an exquisite piece, confident and delicate at the same time. It now sits on the main table in our living room, a few feet from a large eastern-facing window. There, it captures the morning sun and seems to glow from within, reflecting and transmuting colors and shapes ……” – R.C., Nicaragua

“You have a wonderful stable of fabulous artists. I devour it each time I get your newsletter. Each time, I look at the new artist and then pick one or two more to look at. I am amazed how prolific many of your artists are with adding new work all the time. You have one of the finest group of artists around. Keep up the good work.” – D.B. in Ohio

“Hello Marc: Thank you for sending the book — it arrived just in time — right before we left for dinner so we were able to open it and go through the book before leaving for the restaurant. We are so surprised and extremely excited; we can hardly wait to see the real thing. I printed out the picture of Trish as she was sketching our painting and he was just absolutely thrilled to see that. Thank you so much for all your help.” – Gratefully yours, B. C. in Florida

“Dear Andrew! You have so beautiful art works!! I´m always happy getting your email!” – Heartly, Margit, Salzburg, Austria

“Andrew: I wanted to let you all know that the order for Kramer’s ‘The Mentor’ arrived and it is very much the sculpture I wanted. It will represent significant emotion for me to my dissertation advisor. Please be aware I will tell everyone that I got it at your gallery. Have a good summer.” – Anita, Fredericksburg, VA and Vancouver, Canada

“To artist Gloria Coker: WOW Chasen Galleries did a superb intro to you and your work.  Yes, energy, fluidity, color, what a dimensional leap from your earlier works!  Love it!”

“Hi Andrew, thank you so much for getting back to me. I will talk it over with my husband, and decide if one of Mr. Hallam’s pieces will work in our Cape Cod home. Thank you so much for your prompt response and friendly website. Take Care…” – B. R. S. — Massachusetts

“Andrew: Emmy’s portrait (by Jody Wright) was such a wonderful surprise and a big hit with all that have seen it. Thank you again for your help.” – MF, Richmond, VA

“Thank you Andrew! You have been such a pleasure to work with! I would like to order some pieces by Luigi Fumagalli in the future. I will be sure to check with you first when I am ready! Thanks again! – A. H. — Santa Clara, California

“Love the newsletter and your choice of artists to represent.” – L.L.B.

“Mr. Andrew Chasen: I have received the Pino book and wanted to express my thanks for your personal attention to my urgent request. In our business world it is always a joy to have such a courteous, professional transaction. Thanks again” — B.N. Ormond Beach, Florida

“Thank you very much for your assistance with my Samir Sammoun commission. I wanted you to know I am very pleased with the piece and it looks stunning in my home!! I look forward to working with you again. You made it easy and painless for me!” – W.P. Dublin, OH

“Hello Andrew, I love the painting and the person that I bought it for (my boyfriend) loves it too. When someone comes to the apartment they automatically look at the painting and they love it too and he tells them the whole story about how I contacted the gallery to purchase the painting that he had wanted for a long time. It’s the best present I ever gave anyone because of the look in his face when he opened it up, he had tears in his eyes. It was very special and thank you for your help in making sure it was delivered on time and it was the right size. I would like to purchase another one……Thanks again” – Sofia (New York)

“Andrew, our party went off splendidly and the artwork was a big hit.  We love it, and our guests thought we’d been collecting for years. Thank you for all of your expert and personalized assistance in making our home come alive!” – WD of Williamsburg, VA

“Andrew, just a quick note to let you know that the two Raffertys that we purchased the Saturday before “Charley” arrived here today in fine shape. Thanks again for your help with the purchase and for the excellent packing and shipping. We’re thrilled!” – J. and B. Andover, MA

“Andrew, just a note to say we had a splendid time at Chasen today … No doubt we will enjoy our purchases for a long time to come. Also, thanks again for the Pino book.” – T. and S.

“Andrew: Received the Cobra today and it looks great!!!! We are very happy and quite pleased with the way it was packed. Nice job. And what a pleasant experience the whole transaction was, unlike other galleries we have dealt with. Thanks so much and again we look forward to many future transactions.” – R & L D.

“Chasen Galleries: I would like to congratulate you on your excellent Gallery Website. I am an artist myself and am always surfing the net for galleries and came across yours. I must say your site is one of the best I have come across. I think I must have looked at every painting on your site. You have some excellent artists on there. Anyway I thought I would email you to let you know how impressed I was. All the very best” – M.A. (U.K)

“Your website is the best I have seen!” – S. B. (Powell, OH)

“Andrew: Thank you very much for your help! I appreciate your willingness to follow up with me in such an expeditious manner. Your information and assistance has made me feel very comfortable with my purchase. I look forward to doing business with you again in the future.” – J.B. — (Henderson NV)

“Andrew – Thank you very much for your help in replacing the Italian “Aphrodite” sculpture. You made my day and I want to let you know that I greatly appreciate it. I look foward to getting it.” – J.S. — (Atlanta GA)

“Andrew, I am EXTREMELY happy with this turn of events. It worked out rather well for us. My wife adores “Kiss Me Tender” and I love “Lost in Lilies”. . . . do keep me informed on any new works by Garmash or others that come through in the same style. We prefer oils, but sometimes giclees are a nice medium for certain pieces as well. Thanks so much for all your work in this and I so enjoy your newsletter very much.” Sincerely — L.H.

“Thank you Andrew. What a help you’ve been!” – J.M. — (Nashville TN)

“I received the three giclees. They are all lovely. I am particularly fond of “Secret Admirer”. The Sabzi’s will work wonderfully in my future home office. Thank you for your assistance and expedience. Best regards” – J.M. (St. Louis, MO)

“AWESOME web site!!!! Graphics are the best!” –  K.C. — Ocala, Florida

Testimonial from a member of our mailing list: “Thanks for sending such beautiful art views. I really admire them and I am greatly thankful to you for sending me your newsletter.” – A. Q. (Pakistan)

Testimonial from a member of our mailing list: “I am greatly thankful for sending your newsletters. I admire the beautiful art works. With best wishes. – A. S. (Slovak Republic)

“Andrew: We received the posters and they are exactly the ones we were looking for. thank you very much for your prompt service. Now all we have to do is get them framed as we already have a place for them” – K.P.

“Your list of artist is incredibly enjoyable – it was a dream to walk throught your gallery.” – M. C. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

“Andrew, thank you so much for all your help … I am so excited, I love it (Tomasz Rut).” – J.W. Big Fork, Montana

“Recieved Pino’s book, Rememberance of Moments Past in fine condition! Thank you very much for the prompt service. My wife will love this for Christmas! Thanks again.”— D.M. North Chelmsford, Massachusetts

“Dear Chasen Galleries: I appreciate your timely response & for helping to secure my confidence in buying my pieces through Andrew.  Again, Andrew has been most helpful to me as an art consultant / dealer.  I am very glad that I researched the market for Dino Rosin’s sculptures further after returning from Murano.  I am waiting to receive my two pieces this week. Kind Regards” – Rob

“Yours is an extremely beautiful website. Wish more art galleries had the good sense as you do.” – James