PortraitThe paintings of Sydney Hall are filled with ardor and spirit. They endeavor to give voice to her creativity and her longing to live passionately. She delights in bringing the kaleidoscopic moments of what surrounds us into focus through her paintings.  Each piece is much akin to the unfolding of a story as it weaves into an orchestra of color and texture, displaying a vivid, enveloping energy which becomes a rich tapestry. The unexpected in-between places and spaces in which threads of gossamer variety delicately join to add hues unanticipated.

She has the flair to find beauty in unexpected places and ordinary objects. Hall’s brush []strokes are applied with lyrical flourish and each piece is an expedition of discovery. Be it quiet whisper or emphatic exclamation, she has an ardent desire to share; after all, that is essentially what an artist’s life is about. As each component emerges it becomes part of a visual biography, the painting itself becomes a facet for revealing the life of the artist.

There is a juxtaposition with the artwork and the paintings themselves which reveals the beauty in the elements of our everyday lives and natural world around us. For it is in the blossoming and revealing of each of our stories that our journeys ultimately unveil who we essentially are. Life is about what we choose to allow and include into it along the way and Hall’s intention to live consistently with her longing is brought to the canvas in each step of the process. It is with that desire in place that her work embodies the joy of living. She invites you to join her for a stroll and share in her paintings.

Hall was born in Washington DC and grew up in Virginia. From a young age she had the palpable desire to express herself through art. Today, Hall lives in San Luis Obispo, California.

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