Stephen KasunStephen Kasun states: “Powerful painting to me is all about strong, powerful, emotive color on a richly textural surface that grips your attention. All of the other components of good image making must be present, but in my world, they all serve to explore and emphasize color.

Color relationships in painting can be so powerful, that I have abandoned representational forms altogether to explore them. With a background in portraiture, still life, and landscape painting, I have discovered that I only feel true artistic freedom and honesty when creating pure, non-objective, abstract painting-that is actually a much more challenging and exiting journey than merely capturing an image. With that goal in mind, my paintings have steadily evolved from figurative to abstract for the past 15 years.

Each painting is a exciting journey unto itself, which I “collaborate” with many different colors. I stage a play where the colors are characters. Each one has an inherent personality, yet then develops a new one as it interacts with the others around it. Some create tension while others strike a harmony. Some step into the spotlight and become the star; others are painted out altogether. By the end of the painting’s creation, I have discovered their story, shown it in a dramatic way, and then close the curtain.”

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