Glass artist, Robert Scavuzzo creates works which capture the fluid essence of glass to describe organic forms found in nature. Robert collaborated with Ian Gilula to begin New Day Glass in 1996 in the sculpture program at Alfred University. Their work is shown in galleries throughout the United States. Robert Scavuzzo strives to reinterpret his natural surroundings through glass. Inspired by aquatic and terrestrial shapes, colors, and personalities Robert produces unique interpretations of these qualities in handblown glass.

Robert Scavuzzo also believes that constant contact and communication between artists allows their work to develop and stay inspired.

ARTIST STATEMENT: “As an artist I seek unlimited room for innovation. My goal is to create unique reflections and interpretations of my natural surroundings. Glass, the fragile, transparent material, is a challenging yet rewarding medium for expressing one’s inspirations. Nature, aquatic and terrestrial, offers me unlimited shapes, colors, and personalities, giving my work an organic, fluid feeling that keeps each piece in perpetual motion. The process of blowing and sculpting molten glass is extremely challenging, socially and physically. Constant interaction with other artists and creators helps fuel the creativity which sustains the intrigue of sculpting molten glass. My ideas and capacity to create new, exciting sculptural forms are continually being refined.” – Robert Scavuzzo

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