Renato FotiGlass Artist, Renato began is Art career in the late 80’s working on mixed media art using a variety of found and made materials. In the early 90’s his experimentation with glass & castings formed a new “ Mask” series that was exhibited in NYC and Chicago by Miller and Marx Saunders Gallery respectively and then at Sandra Ainsly Gallery in Toronto. During these times, Renato became very active in Arts organizations like the Glass art Association, Ontario Craft Council and the Sculpture Society of Canada, mostly on a board level.

Renato also started a Glass production company that made smaller functional objects in fused glass that have been featured and exhibited in such places as the Museum of Art & Design in NYC, Gardener Museum ( Toronto), Barney’s NY, Rouge Concept, Gallery Double T, Artful Home and many other fine craft Galleries across the USA and Canada. With a new vase design, a Niche award was presented to Renato in 2004.

Today my current work focuses on fused & slumped glass wall sculptures that can be hung in a variety of venues. These large scale wall creations are composed of fused glass made out of a variety of colours segments forming a strong sense of balance & harmony to the space. The segments alone are very simple, yet together form a more complex chain that fits naturtally together. The Colour Wall Series sculptures are typically made up of linear lines, with variations at different angles as well as sections that are rectangular, forming a harmonic pattern that fits naturally with in the whole and can be lit with LED’s. These are all One of a Kind creations.

The Retro Mesh Series discuss the positive and negative spaces and how this interaction of such space really mirrors our existence in a more atomic level. We understand that all solids have voids where atoms float in “space” forming the shape; thus, the “ Mesh” pattern here reflects a similar concept. In Series # 2 of the mesh pieces, smaller lines are introduced breaking down like time elements into specific segments, sort of reflecting our experiences in life…just a series of events linked in to one whole.

The Renato Foti Gallery: