Raimundas LapsysRaimundas Lapsys was born in 1943 in Lithuania and later received formal arts education in Italy and Austria. After graduating from the Academy of Glass Arts in Tirol, Austria, Lapsys received additional visual arts training in studio photography. Having a life-long fascination with the interplay of color and light, photography was a natural growth in Lapsys’s artistic development.

As both a conceptual artist and designer, Raimundas designs and executes his own work. He specializes in engraving, carving, and etching fine crystal, often marrying his crystal designs with optically pure dichroic glass to produce unique light-play and prismatic symphonies. His current work is the continuing evolution of his fascination with abstract forms and their interplay with light and reflection. Raimundas unceasingly explores newer directions in crystal decorating techniques and expresses himself by producing functional and sculptural design forms.

As all of Lapsys’s works are produced by hand, no two are absolutely identical. Many of the designs are uniquely one-of-a-kind, while others are produced in discreetly limited editions. All pieces are signed by the artist and dated upon completion.

“My earliest recollections were enhanced by marvelous rainbows radiating from crystal beads that my mother gave me to play. It kept me occupied for hours. Those exciting images captured and fascinated me and, hence, evolved into the current form of glass art in my designs. The love and knowledge that I develop in my craft surrounds my every day life. I continue to be challenged in art exploration. To me its a consummate union of mind, heart, and spirit.” – Raimundas Lapsys


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