Patricia DohertyArt has always been a part of my life. I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to combine a professional career as a graphic designer with an avocation and passion for the fine arts.

After graduating from Gonzaga University, my artistic evolution has included art director at two major magazines, including San Francisco; senior art director at a design firm; and as an independent freelance art director and designer working with clients around the country.

Over the last decade, I have transitioned from the commercial arena into the fine arts, particularly over the course of my studies with noted California plein-air colorist Camille Przewodek.

My studies with Camille have forever changed how I “see” the world and interpret color. I am drawn to simple objects, notably desserts, and like to establish good color relationships between light and shadow. I love texture, and in many of my pieces I apply thick paint with a brush or palette knife. – Patricia Doherty

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