Mostafa KeyhaniPlein air painter, Mostafa Keyhani, was born in Iran in 1954. It was during his years as a secondary school student that he was encouraged by one of his teachers to pursue his artistic talents. As a result, Keyhani became completely devoted to painting.

Mostafa Keyhani studied art at Tehran and Dusseldorf Universities after receiving diplomas in biology and anatomy . Upon completion of these studies, he spent seven years traveling Germany and France, all the while developing his technique and style.

Keyhani’s paintings convey the lively spirit of European street scenes, scenic landscapes and the beauty of floral still-lifes. His impressionistic paintings vibrate with life and motion. His brilliant colors and energetic compositions enchant the viewer. He continues to travel throughout the world gathering subject matter. Keyhani is an Associate member of Oil Painters of America.

Mostafa Keyhani’s works are featured in galleries in Munich, Dusseldorf, Paris and Cannes; they are included in numerous, important collections in France, Germany, Canada and the United States.

The  Mostafa Keyhani Gallery: