Miro SinovcicAs an artist, an art director and an architect, Miro Sinovcic¬†has received numerous international awards, including “The Best of Show” from the Rizzoli in Milan, Italy. He is also the two-time recipient of the most prestigious Croatian art award and the Bronze Medal winner at the world’s biggest book fair, in Frankfurt, Germany.

In 1985 he emigrated to the United States, where he became one of the most-sought after artists in publishing, advertising and motion pictures. His art has appeared on more than a thousand book covers, and his innovative techniques helped transform the traditional look of book illustrations into more modern treatments of color and atmosphere.

As a fine artist, Miro believes that art, at its best, is seeing life in new and exciting ways, not as rote formula. His paintings are bursting with life, energy, color and constant change. “Just a wonderful mess and a beautiful noise”, as he puts it.

He has held 28 one-man exhibitions and participated in more than a hundred group exhibitions. His paintings of New York can be found in many private art collections throughout the world, and he counts many corporate clients among the Fortune 500 companies.

Art commissioned by CBS, Dow Jones, The New York Times, GM, BMW, Volvo, IBM, Budweiser, Coca-Cola, 7UP, Mountain Dew, Seagram’s, Bradford Exchange, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Twentieth Century Fox, Universal, Ballantine Books, Berkley Books, Doubleday, Harper Collins, Pocket Books, Random House.

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