Michael SprouseAs an artist, I find that the most memorable art, regardless of its style, all share one common characteristics – it’s ability to successfully tell a story. Since the birth of communication, humanity has been connected to the “story”. We are lulled to sleep by them as children, enthralled by them on the stage and screen as adults, and are compelled to share our own with the young as we drift into senior-hood.

I have always been fascinated by the imagery of early silent film and vintage photography and the “stories” they portrayed. It is the same focus on silent communication, delivered only by expression, which motivates my work today.

I use in-depth expression in my work to relate interpersonal stories of lost love, hope, fear, desire, dedication, wistful remembrances and more. The faces I paint are symbolically reminiscent of vague and vintage dream landscapes which focus on the metaphoric mood and flow of each person’s individual story.

The Michael Sprouse Gallery: