Lawrence Hollingsworth, a native of Norfolk, Virginia, derived his inspiration to paint from Country and Coastal landscapes and museum visits during his travels as an antiques importer in Europe and the U.K.  He studied the styles and painting techniques of a wide range of past and present painters such as Turner, Corot, Courbet and Schmid, et al.  His primary medium is oil on canvas or linen and has patrons both in the Continental U.S. and Europe.  He received his Doctorate Degree from the College of William and Mary in Virginia and he currently resides in Gloucester, Virginia.

“Painting is a purely rich visual language which has been a personal interpretation and expression of the world outside of ourselves for ages.  Art has marked the advance of humankind since the cave paintings at the Cave of El Castillo in Northern Spain c.40,000 BC.  It is my belief that works of art enrich our lives and provides a human dimension to our life experience in a modern world of technology and mechanization.  My intention is to not only experience the wondrous process of creating art but moreover to hopefully enrich the lives of all who view my work.”

The Lawrence Hollingsworth gallery: