John PayneThe photographic black & white images that John Payne uses are often diffused, grainy, and lack any sense of reality. Despite these visual obstacles, John is challenged and excited to turn these images into a work of art. He takes the liberty of turning these ordinary, everyday scenes into a compositionally balanced, more aesthetically pleasing work of art that bring to the viewer a feeling of a bygone era. John spends much time choosing the color palettes that will best enhance the imagery. He considers the level of detail to be allowed for each of his subject matters. John’s work is as interesting up close as it is from afar.

To John, it’s always been about the passion to draw and paint. His first memory of being recognized for his ability was in kindergarten. While in high school, John began to receive commissions for artwork. He says he never wanted to pursue any other craft.

There are many great artists who have deeply influenced John. In particular, he has been most inspired by the styles of Winslow Homer, Rembrandt van Rijn, and Norman Rockwell.

John Payne’s approach to painting is to capture the observer’s imagination and draw them into the painting. “I want to transport the viewer back into time. I like to paint people from the past, from all social classes, interacting in everyday situations. I want my art to create a mood, evoke a feeling, and even bring back old memories. Today, so many of us exist in a world that is fast paced. It’s difficult to slow down, take a breath and see all the beauty that surrounds us”, says John. “As a result, I want to create images that transport us to a place that is calming, inviting and creates a feeling of carefree days of long ago.”

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