John ButtonBorn and raised on the east coast of England, John Button’s background is in architecture and he has spent many years working as both designer and illustrator. He has lived in Sweden for the last ten years.

Artist Statement

As a painter, I’m pretty much self-taught but I do think I inherited a ‘good eye’.

Painting for me has become the most wonderful vehicle of self-expression…..but it’s not a simple process.

Between bouts of intensive action there are longer, thoughtful, chin-stroking periods before the next attack – normally on five or more paintings at one time.

I revel in how an initial idea soon gives way to the painting itself. The acrylic paint, the pastels, charcoal, wallpaper paste, filler and whatever else may be to hand, take over in a composition and the subject matter becomes less important.

I find inspiration at every turn – an uncleared breakfast table, a solitary boat dragged up on a rugged beach, a shaft of sunlight across a frozen lake – and I’m interested in how an awkward, almost naive portrayal of these moments can evoke such deep and personal memories and emotions.

The John Button Gallery: