Nationally known color expressionist Jody Wright uses vibrant, eye-popping color to explore the world around her. Born in Long Beach, California in 1956, she grew up just five blocks from Disneyland, which sparked her love for imagination. Her grandmother, who helped raise her, showed her a world of color with her love for flowers and gardening. Often they would trek to the beach to gather mussels (which now heavily influences her abstract work). 

Jody studied art at George Washington University and Frostburg State, which culminated in a B.A. at Shepherd College.

Jody Wright is an artistic explorer in many mediums. She once created stained glass windows and one of her works is now located in a church in Ellicott City, MD, next to Tiffany’s. After delving into the colorful world of glass, she moved to painting colorful dogs. Her work was shown at galleries nationwide. She has participated in multiple juried public art projects such as “Pandamania” – one of the largest projects in Washington DC.

Today, color still fills her spirit. Her two main focus areas are still lifes and abstracts. She considers it a chance to explore both sides of her brain artistically. One is more controlled and she describes it as “where Matisse meets O’Keeffe over coffee.” The vivid pieces often contain a flower – in remembrance of her grandmother. Her abstracts are expressions of great joy. They combine brilliant explosive color with expanses of neutral greys and whites for rest.

Today the artist resides just 90 minutes from Washington DC in a large Victorian home in Martinsburg WV with her husband – the sculptor, Carl Wright – and 3 rescued dogs.

The Jody Wright gallery: