Jack-StormsGlass sculpture artist extraordinaire, Jack Storms has achieved serious recognition in both the public arena and the demanding world of fine art, since he opened his own studio in 2004. Jack Storms works in an incredibly rare medium. A true pioneer in the cold-glass world, Storms award-winning work is sought by discriminating collectors around the world and has been commissioned for award ceremonies, as commemorative pieces and even as an emissarial gift to the President of Nigeria.

Jack Storms is one of the best-selling glass artists in the country today. Currently, there is up to a six-month waiting list for some of his pieces.

The Method:

Drawing inspiration from both his heart and his mind when conceiving his artistic designs, Jack Storms uses the theory of Fibonacci at the heart of each lead crystal sculpture. Fibonacci is a great mathematician that articulated the natural math seen in nature. Natural beauty is created, not manufactured. From the repetition florets of a flower to the scales of a pineapple’s skin, Fibonacci numbers are found in the pattern of growth of every living thing in nature.

He combines pure, lead crystal and dichroic glass through a cold-glass production process. These beautifully reflective, hand-sculpted pieces begin with a core of dichroic glass pieces; each cut, polished and laminated until they shine like mirrors. This core is then wrapped in sculpted, optic crystal refracting the light passing through the pieces and creating a hypnotic light show of fire and ice colors. The results are incredibly beautiful and coveted by all who lay eyes on them.

This sculpture process is incredibly intense and physically challenging. In the entire world, there are only a handful of fine glass artisans working in this medium. It can take up to ten weeks to create just one of these amazing designs, longer for large and specialized pieces.

Not content to be limited by what was possible, Storms set out to do what many thought was impossible, in designing a cold-working glass lathe. In achieving this major accomplishment, Storms drew on early memories of his father’s wood working lathe while pursuing his vision. Storms is the only cold glass artist to work off of the lathe of his own design allowing him to discover unique forms. This process gives him the ability to turn glass and sculpt curved, detailed shapes never before seen in cold-glass production.

Masterpieces of Jack Storms:

  • Bella Vino sculpture by Jack Storms won the People’s Choice Award at the 2007 BAGI Awards.  This is largest wine bottle ever made using the Cold Glass Process.  It is a one of kind!
  • Viviovo: The “ViviOvo” is Storms’ only muse inspired form.  “When I first showed my future wife all of my work, I asked her what piece she loved most,” said Storms.  “She pointed out the form that I had left mostly undeveloped and lazily named the egg. With some new inspiration and a strong desire to impress, I focused and researched all things egg.”  StOptic Crystal Baseball Bat by Jack Storms comprised of 3000 pieces of glass, designed for the NY Yankees Derek Jeter commemorating his 3000th hit in the major leagues
    orms modeled the new design from the “Golden Mean Egg” or the “Fibonacci Egg”. Using natural geometry, he set to shape and polish. The result is a form that is as beautiful as it is difficult to create: The ViviOvo. “The form is named after my wife, Vivian, and her native language for egg, Ovo,” said Storms.
  • Carmel Valley Rotary Club commissioned a sculpture by Jack Storms for the President of Nigeria in honor of the first blood bank to open in Africa.
  • Fireman’s Bell sculpture by Jack Storms commissioned by the City of Pleasanton Firehouse Arts Center comprised of 8000 pieces of glass.

The Artist at Work:

The Jack Storms Gallery: