GundiGundi is a glass artist who was born in Germany and lived for twenty years in Chile before emigrating to Canada in 1973. During the early 1980s she worked as a fashion designer in suede and leather–an occupation that helped her develop the keen sense of shape and proportion that is so evident in her sculptural glass creations. She now lives and works in the rolling Northumberland Hills, one-and-a-half hours’ drive east of Toronto, Ontario.

Gundi’s studio is situated on a hilltop overlooking the surrounding fields, forest, marsh, and creek. It therefore comes as no surprise that nature provides much of the inspiration for her brilliant and flowing sculptures, in particular the intense cold, bright light, and ice formations of the Canadian winter.

Each of Gundi’s pieces is painstakingly created. Plate glass is cut into small pieces, then tumbled to remove sharp edges, and fused with an ultra-strong bonding adhesive into a multifaceted sculpture. Such pieces glint beautifully in the sunlight during the day, and form spectacular table centerpieces at night, especially when illuminated from below or with spot lighting from above. Gundi’s larger sculptural works reveal shapes that contrast strongly with regularly layered levels of glass. This year she has also infused many of her pieces with bold, colorful edging, which can be customized according to taste.

Clients now have the option of ordering sculptures that use crisp and clear Starphire glass as the base material, a material that gives a wonderfully clean look and an added dimension of contrast with the edging. Whatever the options chosen, however, clients can look forward to receiving a unique piece of glass sculpture that seems to embody a beguiling mix of light, brittle strength, and supple fluidity.

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