gary2Gary Price was born 2 May 1955 in Twin Falls, Idaho. He graduated from Montpelier High School in Montpelier, Idaho, and went on to study at Ricks College in Rexburg, Idaho, where he studied art under Oliver Parsons. After serving a two year mission in southern Germany for the LDS Church, he traveled with the Brigham Young University study abroad program for six months in Egypt, Jordan, Israel, and England. While later attending the Utah Technical College in Provo, he met and studied with the sculptor, Stan Johnson. Later that year, he studied painting, drawing, and anatomy with Alvin Gittens and Paul Davis at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City.

During his enrollment at the University of Utah, Gary Price continued studying sculpture with Stan Johnson in Mapleton. Continuing his studies at the University of Utah, he graduated with a Bachelor or Fine Arts (BFA). After completing his BFA, he went to work for three months as foreman at an Orem foundry where he did a variety of tasks including mold making, wax and slurry casting, and welding. To this point, his subject matter dealt with Southwestern and wildlife themes, as in Buffalo Nickel and Return of Fury, but later he worked with religious subjects as in his bronze of Jesus Christ, The Master.

In 1983 Gary Lee Price first started to gain recognition as a sculptor, beginning with an award at the Death Valley Art Show and continuing on to national recognition of They Rise Highest Who Lift as They Go. A change in direction occurred for Price in 1986 when Arthur Bond of the Western Wildlife Gallery in San Francisco encouraged him to sculpt game birds. From this direction came wildlife bronzes such as Wild Wings and Partners, both depicting Mallard ducks. However, wildlife bronzes were not the only type of work he was producing.

His versatility was exemplified in the work he was doing around the same time with Hansen Classics in Salt Lake City. There, he created delicate models for porcelain figures. During this year his work consisted of religious, wildlife, sporting, figurative and western subject. His pieces ranged from massive to small and from tightly controlled to impressionistic in style.

For Gary Lee Price, art is a quest for beauty. He has a studio in his home and has turned the lots surrounding his home into an aspen grove where he has placed much of his art collection. He is the founder of the ‘Sculpture to Live By” Committee that provides the city of Springville with two outdoor sculptures per year produced by nationally recognized artists. He has been elected to the National Sculpture Society in New York City, has won the Best of Show at the Scottsdale Artist’s school and has been featured in Southwest Art Magazine.

Most recently, Gary Price received commissions for a 14-foot high sculpture for the United Methodist Church in Tennessee and a 20-foot high sculpture for NuSkin. He says he will continue to create a wide variety of sculptures but his most favorite will always be birds because of their flight-because of the ideas they represent.

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Mark Twain – The Seated Series:



The sculptures below can be adapted to become fountains. The three children are plumbed so that water
will flow from their water cans. The angel can have water trickle out of her hands. The frog can have water
shoot out of his mouth. And the ark can have a fountain spraying out the top.