Eric PoulsonBorn and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona, Eric Poulson is inspired by the beauty of the western states and the diverse architectural styles that can be found there. His impressionist style, done entirely with a palette knife, combines vivid color and heavy texture to bring his surroundings to life.

In the intimate settings he paints, he constantly strives to portray life “as it should be”. Although Eric Poulson’s professional background lies in the corporate world, his passion and energy have been with art from the beginning. An interest in painting his surroundings became evident early on, and by age seven Eric had his first showing in the Scottsdale Center for the Arts.

This was later complimented by classes at The Scottsdale Artist’s School, and eventually training on the floor of the Gilbert Ortega Art Gallery where Eric further developed his skills, usually in view of the public.

Eric Poulson’s years of painting have been complimented by successful endeavors into other visual disciplines such as graphic art, computerized animation and website design.

Although Eric is experienced in many artistic mediums, oil on canvass continues to be his first choice.

The Eric Poulson Gallery: