E DenisE Denis was born in April of 1971 in Belarus to a family of architects. During his childhood years, he spent a great deal of time with his grandfather, who served as a military photo correspondent and who was well known for his contribution to the country’s culture. Denis’s grandfather had a profound influence on him and taught him to always see the positive in the world around him.

E Denis’ painting skills were evident as a young boy, and even in his early childhood, his art began to develop. Denis’ parents were determined that he become a professional painter and sent him to art school.

In 1989, Denis graduated from the artistic high school where his parents had sent him following their desire for him to be a painter. In addition, he also took drawing lessons from the Artistic Institute in the city where he lived and grew up.

Despite, or perhaps as a result of, his parents interference in and influence on his painting and possible career as an artist, Denis failed to be accepted to the Minsk College of Art and seemed to renounce art altogether.

From 1989-1991 E Denis served in the army, and during this time he also got married. His release from the army coincided with the dramatic fall of the Soviet Union and being that he now had a family to support, he put his drawing on hold and took a job managing a truck company.

Denis had made a decision to pursue business instead of art. In 1993, he founded his first company, which sold Renault cars, and in 1996 he opened 2 stores in the capital city selling car accessories and providing mechanical servicing.

In 1998, Denis divorced and was forced to re-evaluate his life. His brother was a great influence on him during this time and introduced him to religion. The strong financial basis that he had built allowed him to now make radical, life altering decisions.

He realized that his life had been taking him down the wrong path, and he turned to art, believing the eternal truth that a man has to devote himself to something predetermined from on high, by God.

At the age of 28 Denis devoted himself completely to drawing. His first creations sold easily, reassuring him that he had made the right decision. He studied under 2 different tutors from the Academy of Arts and for an entire year he studied under their tutelage day in and day out. He mastered the technique of relief, and other techniques as well.

In 1999 he was chosen to create four images of saints on the major bell of the Petropavlovsky cathedral in Minsk.

In 2001 he received a blessing from Filaret, the metropolitan of Minsk and Slutsk, the Patriarchal Exarch of Belarus, to sculpture images of saints for church bells.

In 2000, he accepted a job as the head of the design department of a furniture manufacturing company, which gave him the opportunity to be exposed to what attracted modern clients, and also allowed him to show his artwork at different international exhibitions that the company attended. Also in 2000, he was invited to become a member of the Belarus Association of Free Artists.

In 2002 Denis visited Israel and fell in love with the country, its views and its people. Today he is sharing his life both in Israel and in Belarus with his family.

E. Denis is dedicated solely to his painting career and has accomplished in a short time what many work a lifetime to achieve. He has mastered virtually every painting technique, and invests time studying other art experts as well.

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