805david-wight-workingWhile working several odd jobs, David happened upon an ad in the newspaper for an open house at a glass shop around the corner. When he arrived he watched the glass, that amorphous solid at two thousand molten degrees and the way it flowed. That’s when he knew – this was the only material with the power to capture the movement of water.

After learning to blow glass, he began making fountains in an attempt to capture the moving water, but still, he desired to do more. David wanted to create a solid sculpture that embodied the essence and movement of water – not just a vessel, but the water itself. He experimented, and eventually began to utilize ancient Italian tools along with new tools he created to achieve the style of glass-work that he envisioned.

David continues to live in Bellingham, Washington, inspired by the beauty of the Cascade Mountains, San Juan Islands, and the Pacific Ocean’s crashing waves. He travels to Seattle where he personally sculpts each wave by hand.

Amidst the heat and the unexpected, he is constantly challenged by the molten medium of hot glass. With his glass sculptures, he works to freeze a moment in time; to capture the beauty, grace, and power of water in its most dynamic form: The Wave.

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