David MensingDavid Mensing’s earliest memories involve drawing – always drawing. His mother still recounts amazement at his natural ability, even as a young boy, to properly locate arms and legs on active figures.

Early in his childhood he began to develop a deep appreciation for open landscapes and wild places. David Mensing grew up in Iowa, surrounded by wide prairies and carefully groomed cornfields. He recalls that the people of Iowa recognized the sustenance they received from the land, and respect for the land was foundational in the culture.

David`s love of wild places was cultivated by family camping, backpacking and biking trips. And no experience had sustained impact like his first trips to the west. David can still remember being overcome by the thrill of seeing the Rocky Mountains rise above the horizon as they drove across Colorado. It is a wonder that rugged places can be ominous and compelling at the same time; vast and intimate; terribly beautiful. When he moved to the west as a young man, he was captivated by its raw beauty.

David Mensing`s ambition is to know and share that beauty through his work. For him, it is a thrill simply to be in natural places. But it is even more thrilling to capture the experience as a work of art. Striving to contain any moment brings wonderful assurance that the experience is too profound to ever really be contained.

At times he has been distracted by his other gifts. Dave has also worked professionally as a Camp Director, Architect and Pastor. He has been certified as a white-water rafting guide and at one time he was a talented Pole Vaulter. In all of his pursuits he has tried to do work that is unreasonably good – work that is art. David Mensing has always been and will always be an Artist.

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