“I was once a non-objective painter, selling work through a number of galleries from NYC to Palm Beach, from San Francisco to Philadelphia and beyond.  Now I am primarily a plein air painter, preferring to paint in the glory of the outdoors.

“My return to making art, after a hiatus raising children and teaching, began with the natural progression from designing and painting theatre sets to executing murals.  It has since turned to the immediacy of working from life, primarily in nature but enjoying figurative work as well.  While the size of my work varies, I have found my fascination with color and the movement of it, a constant, as evidenced in all genres: landscape work, still lifes, and portraits.

“This portfolio reflects a return to my love affair with paint and the constant growth and changes inherent in the creative process. I expect 2016 will find me expanding my repetoire and stretching previously known boundaries, as the process and creativity demands.”

-Cynthia Rosen

The Cynthia Rosen gallery: