Brian-DavisPainting from photographs he takes, Brian Davis’ uncanny technique for illuminating natural flowers and landscapes with radiant light and texture on his canvases is a very special artistic talent.

Greatly influenced by the Dutch Masters, along with the artists of the Art Nouveau and Art Deco, Brian Davis is inspired by images of highly stylized renditions of birds and flowers and their intensity of color achieved by many, many layers of paint.

A native Californian, born into a family of musician parents in 1946, Brian Davis loved art all his life. Formally educated in Fine Art at Pierce College and California State University – Los Angeles. Brian Davis paintings are found in some of the most sophisticated private and public collections.

“The light is the real subject of my work: the flower is the stage, the light is the dancer.” – Brian Davis

“My mission as an artist is to show you images that make you think . . . to show you what you are not used to seeing.”— Brian Davis


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