Berc Ketchian is an Armenian American, educated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Istanbul, Turkey in addition to Academies des Arts, Nice. Through his work he hopes to capture the world through his windows – the nostalgic nights of Bodum, the afternoon breakfasts, fisherfolk, the sophisticated ladies along with the local drunks.

 “The artist conveys his emotions in a unique and eclectic manner. The magic lies in his brush strokes and his brilliant use of color and light. The spectator is drawn into the painting through  romanticism, humanism, and naturalism, which capture the eye and heart. His ability to create the illusion of detail so that the viewer thinks he understands the message or the mood merely serves to reinforce the artist’s power to play with emotion.

 The beauty of the painting is that, whatever interpretation surfaces, the reaction is honest. This doesn’t mean the work is facile, quite the contrary. It is accessible, yet complex; it is painfully realistic, yet ethereally poetic. Although glimpses of Van Gogh, Cezanne, Monet, Corot, and a myriad of other painters may emerge, the final result is totally and uniquely Berc.”

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