barry_entnerBarry Entner produces wild free form sculptures that really occupy space. Working in the traditional handblown manner his works are rapidly formed with dynamic energy. Each piece is injected with vitality from this direct, immediate expression. These are pieces that beg to be approached from different viewpoints for they are all about movement in space.

The massive handblown glass vessels, bowls and sculptural pieces of Barry Entner are executed with a painterly approach to line, form and color. The artist’s Flora Series sculptures feature large pieces of colored translucent glass that resemble the leaves of a Staghorn fern. The pieces are mounted on a sculpted copper base that is attached to a wall or arranged in a table grouping, to create a visually exciting, unusual work of art. These forms have been described as resembling whalebones or perhaps fancifully huge pieces of saltwater taffy tied together in a bundle.

Always show stoppers, Barry Entner’s works are masterpieces requiring tremendous strength and technique. Barry Entner received his Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Tulane University, where he studied art with glass sculptor Gene Koss. Entner apprenticed with glass artist David Goldhagen after graduating from Tulane. The artist has completed graduate studies in glass at the Massachusetts College of Art and the Penland School of Crafts, NC; where he studied under renowned glass artist Stephen Dee Edwards. He has worked as an independent glass artist since 1981, when he established his own studio in rural Massachusetts. Exhibitions of his work include the International Art Exposition of Glass, Frankfurt, Germany; and the International Exhibition of Glass, Kanazawa, Japan.

Barry Entner’s work is in numerous public and private collections, including those of King Hassan II of Morocco and the Hale Koa Hotel, Honolulu, Hawaii.

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