AvtandilBorn in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia, in 1952, Avtandil Makharoblidze graduated from the Tbilisi Academy of Art in 1975.

While studying under world famous artist Guram Kutateladze, Avtandil was the master’s favorite student for having acquired from his teacher a feeling for the inner mood and emotion of the subject. Deeply involved in teaching, Avtandil has taught painting to many now famous artists in his homeland.

Avtandil’s emotional and evocative oil and mixed media paintings have received wide exposure at numerous invited regional and national exhibitions in the former Soviet Union and across Europe. He is also exhibited widely in the United States.

Avtandil is equally accomplished as a painter (religious art, sculpture, monumental representation, and much more) and a graphic artist (working both in theater and motion pictures). He worked as a theater set designer for the State Marionette Theatre of Georgia and, in 1989, received with his wife Ketevan first prize for stage design at the International Theater Festival in Hungary. He is an accomplished master of motion picture animation working as head designer for such films as “Family” and “Waiting,” produced in Georgia; he also served as a poster designer for a film distribution company.

The artistic style of Avtandil’s paintings is Impressionist, but he leans toward the cubist and abstract, creating a specific synthesis of approach. He is therefore able to bring about a feeling of light and harmony that is both poetic and aesthetic. Avtadil shows the human being as always beautiful, a harmonious entity that realizes the truth of its inner reality.

Avtandil now lives in Tbilisi with his family where there they share not only living quarters, but also a large teaching and working art studio.

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