Alison Sigethy is a Northern Virginia glass artist and creator of the incredible line of Sea Core sculptures, now on view and available from Chasen Galleries.

Sea Core Bubble Tubes:

Sea Cores are my artistic tribute to the beauty and mystery of the sea. I craft each component out of glass and call them Sea Cores because they are inspired by the core samples scientists take to study and monitor the oceans. They are easier to care for than a houseplant and are absolutely wonderful to live with. 


• Virtually maintenance free – fill with distilled water, no cleaning required! Ever!

• Relaxing water sounds

• Mesmerizing bubble display

• Beautiful light and optics

• The world’s best night light

• Fully customizable


Sea Cores can be built in any shape or size. Custom colors are available at no additional charge, and yes, we can work with your interior designer! Shipping or delivery can also be arranged, worldwide.

Common Placement Locations:

•  Bedrooms  •  Stairwells, Foyers, Lobbies  •  Offices & Waiting Rooms  •  Hospitals  •  Nursing Homes

Chasen Galleries is currently the ONLY gallery representation for Sea Cores! We have several installed works on view at the gallery, and available for acquisition or order! Give us a call for more information : (804) 204 1048

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The Alison Sigethy Gallery :