alex-kvetonThe only child of a builder and an actress, Alex was privy to both, technical and artistic views of the world from the beginning of his life. While his father taught Alex the ageless techniques of wood and metal craft, his mother opened his eyes to the possibilities of artistic imagination.

As a young adult, Alex had to first focus on acquiring a trade. At his father’s advice, he enrolled in the Technical School of Machinery Construction and later, following his inner calling, into a very selective and prestige Prague Academy of Applied Art where he earned a Master Degree in Sculpture and Industrial Design and perfected his understanding of materials and their applications. At the Academy, his appreciation for potential of metal continued to grow as he designed and helped build industrial equipment ranging from gigantic open coalmine excavator to miniature alarm clock.

The ageless beauty and serenity of Prague with its centuries old art and architecture fed Alex’s effervescent imagination and pushed him toward a more artistic use of his design abilities. Alex started thinking about metal as a sculptural medium, seeing an intrinsic beauty rather than pragmatic usage of an individual object. Instead of more common casting and assembly of ready made parts, Alex preferred a more complex fabricating process, physically shaping and forming a sharp flat sheet of metal into sophisticated curvilinear form inspired by his imagination. To reflect a true poetry of the form, Alex oftentimes, enhanced the character of steel and bronze with magnificent patinas.

Alex Kveton Is My Name

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