Alain PontecorvoAlain Pontecorvo could almost qualify as a hyperrealist. His pieces take you on a journey which calms and instills equilibrium.

A native and resident of France, Alain Pontecorvo has been a professional artist since he sold his first painting in 1960 as a student in the Decorative Art School of Paris.

His art is well balanced, full of expression and with a rich mystery that is always found in authentic painting. His art work is between a romantic and a modern realist, with his precision, emotional construction and freedom. Alain Pontecorvo’s paintings can be viewed in private collections worldwide and in the public collections of

– Musee d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris

– Musee Olivier Brice (Montpellier)

– Musee d’Art Moderne de New York

The Alain Pontecorvo Gallery: